The Importance of Windshields

When cars were first coming into use in the early 1900s, the windshield was an optional feature.  Because of the slow speed of the automobile back then, there was very little risk of being thrown from the vehicle.  By the mid-to-late 1910s, the windshield started to become more prevalent in newer model vehicles.  However, the early version of auto glass was very brittle and like normal glass, shattered into large shards which would cause injury or death to some automobile drivers in the event of an accident.  Right about the same time, it was Henry Ford who began to look for a better product more suited to higher speed automobiles.  Auto glass engineers began experimenting with molten glass and the effects that heat has on it.  This is where the laminated glass concept came from and quickly grew in popularity with auto manufacturers, due to its strength and resistance to shattering.  The laminated glass would bend and flex before it would ever shatter.

Growth Over The Years

By the 1920s all automobiles were using laminated glass for their windshields.  From there, the technology for automobile windshields began to evolve very quickly.  By the 1930s, a special urethane was invented that allowed the windshield to bond to the frame of the car more securely and increase safety measures for the passengers.  By the late 1930s, auto glass manufacturers created a special resin that would block ultraviolet rays.  This accomplished 2 things.  First, it protected the passenger from the dangerous rays.  Second, it would prevent the windshield glass from discoloring over time.  By the 1950’s it was more popular for the windshield to be curved or rounded to give the driver a greater view of their surroundings.  By the 1960s the government began to regulate the strength of windshields for safety purposes.  

Modern Windshields

As cars evolved over time, the auto glass was forced to evolve as well.  Today, the windshield is not just a luxury item that makes your ride more enjoyable.  The automobiles manufactured today use the laminated windshield as a structural component of the car.  In the event of an accident, the windshield serves several safety purposes.  That is why it is so vital for you to properly maintain and repair or replace your windshield if you ever find yourself with a chip or a crack.  Although it might be a small chip or crack, it can quickly grow into a larger issue and even become a safety issue over time.  Windshield replacement Edmond OK is the premier location in central Oklahoma to get your windshield repaired or replaced.  If you have any existing damage to your windshield or auto glass, visit us today to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Window Installation and Working from Height

Windows are installed at many different heights, from ground level, all the way up to the top floors of multi-story skyscrapers. Where possible it is important to try and design out health and safety risks during the design phase of your project, but what do we do when it is simply unavoidable? After all, windows are required on pretty much every story of a building to make it habitable and functional. When planning out the design of your construction project, it is important to factor in the health and safety aspect of installing and maintaining windows at a high level. Here are some main points to consider:

Things to Consider

  • Where will the windows be installed from? If the windows are to be installed from inside the property, then the installers will be able to make use of lifts and stairs within the building. However, the installers will likely be required to wear some form of fall arrest system to protect against falling out of the open space once the old glazing and window frames have been removed. If the windows are to be installed from the external side of the property, then some form of mobile scaffolding will almost certainly be required. 
  • How high are the windows to be installed? The consequences of any accidental fall increase with height. As part of your risk assessment, try to consider what the likely consequences of a fall would be. Windows installed at ground level carry far less risk than windows to be installed on the 4th story.
  • Will the work interfere with public access walkways and pedestrian routes? You must consider the safety of the public who may be affected by the window installation. If scaffolding is required, then it should be set up in a way to provide maximum safety for operatives and pedestrians alike. This can be achieved by utilizing toe boards and brick guards to prevent falling materials. The scaffolding should also be set up in a way to allow pedestrians to safely navigate around it. 
  • How large are the windows to be installed? Generally, windows will be delivered to the site unglazed, to make handling easier. However, if the frames are particularly large, then they may have a substantial weight to them and they will be awkward to carry up to higher stories. In this instance, bespoke scaffolding solutions will be necessary to enable the frames to be safely carried up to the desired height. This needs to be factored into the design cost and timescale of the project. 
  • How will the windows be maintained – it is advisable to specify windows that can be maintained from inside the building, particularly on high rise buildings. Designers should seek to use self-cleaning glazing or hinges that allow the window casement to fully rotate, giving the user the ability to clean from the inside. If this is not achievable, then a scaffold will be required for window care and maintenance. 


Window installation, design, and maintenance require risk assessment planning, particularly where working from height is involved. Scaffolds provide an effective means to make work from height safer for all involved. If you would like further information about the benefits of scaffolding for your next construction project, visit NTW Scaffolders Portsmouth today.

Most Eco-Friendly Windows

Eco-Friendly Windows

In today’s world, many things are gaining ground. And one of them is climate change. Climate change has gone so big that it is now everyone’s job to be concerned about it. 

One way people show concern about the environment is by ensuring that the things they use are eco-friendly. 

With regards to windows, the concern for the environment also holds ground. Hence, you must also ask which windows are eco-friendly.

True, the knowledge of eco-friendly windows is not common. Hence, there is a need to make them available in this post. 

Below, you will find the eco-friendly windows you can go for. 

List Of Eco-Friendly Windows

There are many eco-friendly windows out there. And below, you will find the best ones.

Vinyl Windows: When it comes to the best energy-efficient window, then the vinyl window is what you are looking for. The vinyl window is one of the windows you can rely on to lower cooling and heating costs. It helps you save on the cost of energy in your home. 

The Vinyl windows are durable and cost-effective. With regards to texture and color, they are available in not so many styles. 

In all, if you are extremely concerned about energy cost, the best shot you can have is vinyl windows

Fiberglass Window: The only downside to the fiberglass window is its cost. But what you lose in cost, you gain in many other things. Suffice it to say that they are very long-lasting. So, what you might spend might be for the purchase and installation cost. The rest is nothing to worry about.

It is one of the best picks you can make for an eco-friendly window. Its long-lasting feature puts it among the best. Its resistance to denting, rotting, warping, and the damage is part of what makes it an eco-friendly window. 

Wood Windows: Many people already understand that wood is eco-friendly. So there is little you need to be convinced that wood windows, too, would be eco-friendly. 

If you are looking to give your home a facelift in the traditional style, wood windows are your best pick. The good thing is that they are affordable and eco-friendly. 

However, they may not be as resistant as other windows to weather conditions. As such, they may be quick rot or wrap. This would depend on the kind of environment the home is located. 

Aluminum Windows: Aluminum windows are also a nice choice to go for when your concern is about being eco-friendly. For one, they can withstand many harsh conditions. This is a result of Aluminum’s high durability. 

Aside from this, they also give your home a perfect look, you may desire. 

Advantages Of An Eco-friendly Window

With eco-friendly windows, there are many things to gain. 

Spend Less on your Utility Bills: This is one thing eco-friendly windows are good for. Since they are energy-efficient, they can help you retain the heat within the room. 

Boost Your Insulation: This is another advantage of an eco-friendly. It helps you insulate your home and save energy.

Soundproof: With eco-friendly windows, you may be able to enjoy a silent home free of busy outdoor activities. 

Environment Friendly: As you might already know, these windows help save the environment and reduce climate change instances. 


Being environmentally conscious is one of the best things you can do for the earth. When getting your windows, you have to go for the ones that are friendly with the environment. You have read about them, so there won’t be difficulties identifying them.

Best Place To Buy New Windows

The Choice For A New WIndow

Many things may inform the choice of a new window. It could be that you just moved to a new apartment and you want to uplift the decoration. It may be that your windows are old and worn out. It may even be that some of the windows are broken. 

Whatever may be your reasons for getting a window, one thing is clear; you have to get from the best.

Why Should You Buy From The Best?

The whole idea about enjoying your life is not all about getting something new. Most times, the problem is that if you don’t get from the appropriate places, you may not enjoy it. Hence, whatever may be your plan, you must always go for the best.

Again, the best-sellers give the best advice. If you buy from the best, you get to know how to best maintain it. And, what’s more? You get it at a low price. 

These and many more are some of the benefits of buying your windows from the best places. 

So, where are the best places to buy your windows?

Best Places To Buy New Windows

Home-Improvement Windows Store: For many reasons, this one of the best places to buy your new windows. Since their specialization is about improving your home’s look, you can be sure to get the best windows here. 

Aside from this, you will have access to a variety of windows. Hence, you can pick from as many as you wish. This is not the end. You can also rely on their knowledge of windows to get information about how to maintain your windows. 

However, not many of those who will attend to you have the industry knowledge about the home’s windows. So, you may ask to meet the expert if you want to get helpful information about your windows. 

At these stores, you can compare as many brands of windows as you want. This allows you to make the best decision with your windows. 

Window Replacement Store: This is yet another place to get your windows. If you desire the best kind of windows in your home, you should consider this. The reason is that the attendants here have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with windows. 

So, unlike the home-improvement windows store, where you may not be certain about the info you are getting. Here, you can always trust that you will get enough helpful information. Being a store that deals with installing and replacing windows, you have nothing to fear about getting the best. 

How Do You Find These Places For Your Windows? 

The problem many people face is finding these places. In many instances, many people end up with the wrong persons. But this does not have to be the case. 

Check Online: One of the first things to do is to check online. You will often get a list of the best window sellers. You can shortlist some and check their ratings.

Ask To be Referred: One way not to get things wrong is by asking people who have had a similar experience. You can ask friends and families where they bought their windows and who installed it for them. Many times, the installer of the windows is the right plug you need for a window. You can also ask your neighbors and colleagues at work. Without a  doubt, one of these people should be able to give you the right information. 


Getting the best window is more important than getting windows at all. This is why you must make the right choice today. 

Most Unique Home Windows

Get A Unique Window

Windows are one of the best things that can beautify your home. In many ways, windows add an incredible outlook to your home. This is why you have to be selective about the kind of windows you use. 

It is not advisable to just get a window and install it in your home. If part of what you are looking for is how your home can stand out, you should consider the list of unique windows. 

Remember, the beauty of your home is mostly amplified by the uniqueness of your windows. So, what are the unique windows out there? 

Most Unique Home Windows

Single-Hung Window: This is a classic window with a common use among people. It is the perfect fit for your home if you don’t have much space on the outside. This is because the single-hung windows only open by working it up from inside your home. 

It makes beautiful scenery in your home.  Their color and sizes of these windows can complement your interior decoration. What’s more? The single-hung window is affordable and prevents heat loss. You can get this window for between $100 and $300.

Pros: Easy installation, fit for cramped spaces, affordable, blends with many decorations.

Cons: Limited ventilation, cleaning can be done only from outside.

Double-Hung Window: This is more like the single-hung windows, but with double the space for opening. It has two compartments, and you can open both simultaneously. With this, you have a well-ventilated room and enjoy comfort. 

So, if you don’t love the idea of the single-hung window, you can double it and get this one. You can get this window between the prices of $200 and $500

Pros: Easy maintenance and installation, more ventilation, blends with your home design

Cons: Its airtight feature is not as reliable.

Cottage Windows: This is just like the double-hung window, but it has two compartments that are not of equal sizes. The compartment above functions to insulate your home. If you have your home in a cold location, you may want to consider this window.  

The price of this window is around $400

Pros: It has a customizable design that blends with your interior decoration, easy installation, and maintenance, affordable.

Cons: It May prove difficult to clean.

Two-Panel Slider: This window is common in many homes, and you probably would have come across it once. They are the type that you often slide either of the panes to either side to make room for ventilation. This type of window is god for you if you want enough ventilation at all times. 

The two-panel slider may cost up to $400.

Pros: Easy installation, affordable, versatile, fit for cramped spaces, durable, long-lasting, low maintenance

Cons: May prove difficult to clean

Picture Window: Contrary to the normal features of windows, you cannot open this particular window. It is fixed but provides you with views from outside, just like a picture. Due to its inability to open, many people don’t use it in the bedroom or places ventilation is required. You will mostly find it in an attic or the basement. 

You can price this window between $250 and $650.

Pros: Easy installation, low maintenance, energy-efficient, provides a picture-framed view

Cons: No ventilation


Those are some of the unique windows out there. You don’t have to stress yourself anymore. Make a pick today and make your home unique.

Best Windows To Install in Your Home

You Need A Good Window

Have you ever found a home without a window? The answer is no! For one, windows serve as protection. Aside from this, there is the beautiful scenery that windows offer to you. If you are lucky enough to have your home adjacent to a natural environment, the beauty you behold is always mind-blowing. 

If you have been thinking of installing windows in your home and don’t know which one is the best, worry no more. 

Below, you will find the best windows that will give your home the beauty it deserves. 

Best Windows For Your Home

Custom  Windows: If what you want to create in your home is a sense of extraordinariness, then these custom windows are best. Custom windows bring to your home some sense of uncommon style. The beauty after their installation is always superb. 

The good thing is that they are not a single design window. They come in multiple sizes, shapes, and material sizes. For the better part of it, custom windows will meet your desired style. 

If you think with these, you have seen it all; then you haven’t heard that custom windows are also very cost-effective. From the point you decide to get them to the point of installation, they are always affordable. Their installation is also easy, making it one of the easily installed windows out there. 

Double-Pane Windows: Thinking about living in a world of your own, even in your home? The double-pane windows are what you need to install in your home. 

For one, these double-pane windows are noise-proof, so you can be sure that they will keep you in your scenery state. Two, since they are fitted with double panes, they will keep the outward heat away from home. In short, they are best fitted for insulation and durability. 

Its features make it the best for your home if it is in a busy environment. 

Wood-Clad Frames: Enjoying the beauty of your environment from two superb design perspectives should not be a difficult thing. With wood-clad frames, you can enjoy this. 

The feature of the wood-clad windows is what stands it out. From inside your home, the window is a wood beauty to behold. From outside your home, the window is a sturdy beauty to behold. This places the maintenance at a low-cost.  

With the wood-clad frames, you can be sure that your home will receive the best beauty it deserves. And what’s more? You get to spend less maintaining the wood-clad window.

Aluminum Frame: Aluminum frames may be common, but they still retain one of the best windows out there. If you consider many of its features, like its durability and heat prevention, you will love it the more. 

For the beauty it adds to your home, it still retains the position of being the best. 

Wooden Windows: Speak about aesthetics in window installation and think about wooden windows. The wooden windows are one of a kind heat retention windows. They add beauty to your home and help you retain the heat. 


The thing your home may be needing to complete its beauty may be the best windows. You don’t want to compromise on getting those windows for your home. This is when you need to choose among the best five windows you have read about above. Contact for more information on your home upgrades.