Most Unique Home Windows

Get A Unique Window

Windows are one of the best things that can beautify your home. In many ways, windows add an incredible outlook to your home. This is why you have to be selective about the kind of windows you use. 

It is not advisable to just get a window and install it in your home. If part of what you are looking for is how your home can stand out, you should consider the list of unique windows. 

Remember, the beauty of your home is mostly amplified by the uniqueness of your windows. So, what are the unique windows out there? 

Most Unique Home Windows

Single-Hung Window: This is a classic window with a common use among people. It is the perfect fit for your home if you don’t have much space on the outside. This is because the single-hung windows only open by working it up from inside your home. 

It makes beautiful scenery in your home.  Their color and sizes of these windows can complement your interior decoration. What’s more? The single-hung window is affordable and prevents heat loss. You can get this window for between $100 and $300.

Pros: Easy installation, fit for cramped spaces, affordable, blends with many decorations.

Cons: Limited ventilation, cleaning can be done only from outside.

Double-Hung Window: This is more like the single-hung windows, but with double the space for opening. It has two compartments, and you can open both simultaneously. With this, you have a well-ventilated room and enjoy comfort. 

So, if you don’t love the idea of the single-hung window, you can double it and get this one. You can get this window between the prices of $200 and $500

Pros: Easy maintenance and installation, more ventilation, blends with your home design

Cons: Its airtight feature is not as reliable.

Cottage Windows: This is just like the double-hung window, but it has two compartments that are not of equal sizes. The compartment above functions to insulate your home. If you have your home in a cold location, you may want to consider this window.  

The price of this window is around $400

Pros: It has a customizable design that blends with your interior decoration, easy installation, and maintenance, affordable.

Cons: It May prove difficult to clean.

Two-Panel Slider: This window is common in many homes, and you probably would have come across it once. They are the type that you often slide either of the panes to either side to make room for ventilation. This type of window is god for you if you want enough ventilation at all times. 

The two-panel slider may cost up to $400.

Pros: Easy installation, affordable, versatile, fit for cramped spaces, durable, long-lasting, low maintenance

Cons: May prove difficult to clean

Picture Window: Contrary to the normal features of windows, you cannot open this particular window. It is fixed but provides you with views from outside, just like a picture. Due to its inability to open, many people don’t use it in the bedroom or places ventilation is required. You will mostly find it in an attic or the basement. 

You can price this window between $250 and $650.

Pros: Easy installation, low maintenance, energy-efficient, provides a picture-framed view

Cons: No ventilation


Those are some of the unique windows out there. You don’t have to stress yourself anymore. Make a pick today and make your home unique.

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